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My Flavorizer Bars need a cleaning. Any tips?

Maintaining your Flavorizer Bars is simple and easy. Regularly doing the burn-off/brush routine should keep your Flavorizer Bars clean. Start by doing a burn-off (turning all burners on high for 15 minutes with the lid closed) before or after grilling. (If you have raw cast iron grates, remove before burning off.) This will turn the accumulated debris on your Flavorizer Bars into ashes. Then when the grates are cool, lift them out and brush off the bars with a brass brush.

If a more thorough cleaning is necessary, take the bars out of the grill, put them in the sink and clean with some soapy water and an SOS pad. If using dishwashing liquid in the water, do not use anything lemon-or citrus-based. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Do not let them drip dry, as this may cause them to rust prematurely. We do not recommend putting Flavorizer Bars in the dishwasher. The amount of debris they release may cause your drain to clog.

Do not use oven cleaners or put them in a self-cleaning oven to clean.
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