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My grill won't light. What could be the reason?

Piezo Igniter

If you can light the grill with a match you may have an ignition switch problem. Check your igniter switch. Is it making a clicking noise? If the igniter does not click, it is not aligned correctly with the gray rocker switch. To align it, remove the control panel (consult your owner's manual for instructions). Once the control panel is removed, check the position of the igniter. It should be tightly secured with the lock nut in the smaller hole of the keyhole frame. If the igniter has clips on the sides, rather than a lock nut, make sure it is completely “snapped" into place. If the igniter is aligned properly, make sure the control panel is not loose. There should be two fasteners holding the panel in place.

Next, check to see if the igniter wires are loose. The white and black wires should be secured at both ends. Then check the position of the metal tab protruding from the cookbox where the white wire attaches. This tab must be 45 degrees away from the cookbox to avoid a shorted circuit.

Finally, very humid or rainy weather can cause moisture to collect on the end of the probe and make the igniter unable to spark. To remedy this condition, light the grill with a match. The heat from the grill will warm the probe and should fix the problem.

Electronic Ignition System

Electronic igniters must be pushed and held until it clicks. If pushing the igniter button does not light main burners, and you cannot hear the igniter sparking: Check that there is a battery in the battery holder. Check that the battery has been installed in the battery holder properly. The positive end of the battery goes into the holder "up". Is the cap of the battery holder (with the red button) screwed on tightly? Are the white wires connected from the battery holder to the ignition module?

Snap Jet Igniters

Each valve has its own igniter. When the control knob is turned from off to high, a spark is created. This may need to be repeated 3 or more times to ensure ignition. If igniter has a spark, but burner tube will not light try removing the grates and flavor bars to see if the igniter is sparking. If a spark can be seen, but the burner tube still will not ignite, the electrodes may be dirty. Gently clean the electrodes with a tissue. If igniter does not spark check to be sure all the wires are hooked up properly.

If you cannot light the grill with a match you may have a gas flow problem. Have you cleaned your burner tubes recently? It is very important that the portholes of the burner tubes are clear of any blockage. If the gas flow is restricted, the igniter will struggle to light. To clean your tubes, brush the portholes with a steel wire brush in an up and down motion. This cleaning should be part of your routine maintenance.

If you are still having problems, please call 1-800-446-1071. Customer service and support is available seven days a week from 7am-11pm CST.
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