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"- - -" Displays for the Temperature Reading in Weber iGrill App

If you have previously been able to view your Weber Kitchen Thermometer Mini temperature reading in the Weber iGrill App but have reset the device or updated your paired device's software only to find that the temperature reading now appears as "- - -", there may be a quick fix.

When the Weber Kitchen Thermometer Mini Bluetooth® Smart connection is established, it is given a unique session through which the Weber iGrill App can read temperature data from the Weber Kitchen Thermometer Mini.

If the Weber Kitchen Thermometer Mini is reset or a software change occurs which requires a reconnection, the existing Bluetooth® Smart pairing must be deleted from the Bluetooth® Settings menu to ensure that a brand new Bluetooth® Smart connection is established.

To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Select Settings on your iOS device
  2. Select Bluetooth®
  3. Select the blue icon to the right of any existing Weber Kitchen Thermometer Mini pairings listed and then select "Forget this Device"
  4. Open the Weber iGrill App with the Weber Kitchen Thermometer Mini powered on and in range to re-pair it and view the temperature readings

If you experience any other issues, please contact us at support@weberstephen.com

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