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Is the Weber Kitchen Thermometer Compatible with Android Devices?

The Weber Kitchen Thermometer is compatible with Bluetooth Smart Ready Android devices running Android version 4.3 or higher.

For the full updated list of compatible devices, head here.  

Compatible Devices:
  • Google Nexus 4
  • Google Nexus 5
  • Google Nexus 7 (2nd generation 2013 version )
  • HTC One (m7)
  • Motorola Droid Razr HD
  • Motorola Droid Razr M
  • Motorola Moto G
  • Motorola Moto X
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy S 3
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S 5
  • Sony Experia Z
  • ...and more!

Please Note: If your device cannot download or install the Weber iGrill App, either your smart device is not updated to the minimum Android version of 4.3 or higher, or your smart device is not compatible. 

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