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What is the Weber Kitchen Thermometer?

The Weber Kitchen Thermometer is a Bluetooth® Smart enabled cooking thermometer designed specifically for indoor use.

The beautifully designed device magnetically mounts to your oven or stove and will transfer the real-time temperature of anything you are cooking directly to the Weber iGrill App on iOS and Android smart devices.

The thermometer has two probes, a display with proximity wake-up, magnetic mounting, and two probe wraps that conveniently clip together and mount to the back of your device. This is the cooking essential to creating the perfect meal!

Bluetooth® Smart Technology: Connects within a maximum 150 ft. range.

Seamless Connectivity: Bluetooth® Smart technology eliminates the need to manually pair a smartphone or tablet.

The Device:
  • Full-size Weber Kitchen Thermometer
  • Magnetic Mounting: A powerful magnet allows for sturdy and convenient mounting with two viewing positions.
  • Proximity Wake-up: The device's Smart LED illuminates once you are within range to enhance battery life.
  • Unbeatable Battery Life: Up to 200 hours of battery life using 2 AA batteries.
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