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What is the Smart LED?

The Smart LED indicates when your Weber iGrill Mini is paired and displays the current temperature status with a color code.
When you are cooking, the Smart LED changes color to indicate your temperature progression or to indicate that the temperature is inside or outside of the set range.

Smart LED Colors:

  • Blinking Blue - Looking for smart device to connect
  • Blinking Green - Connected to smart device
  • Blinking Red - Preset temperature is met / Alarm is sounding off
  • Solid Orange - If preset range alarm is set, the solid orange indicates the temperature is inside your range
  • Solid Red - The temperature has met your alarm preset
  • Solid Green - A Non-Custom Preset Cook has been made, currently reading and transmitting temperatures
  • Solid White - Device is getting ready to power down
iGrillMini LED Meaning
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