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A funny noise is coming from my grill. What should I do?

Rushing noise: Immediately after turning on the gas tank valve, you may hear a "rushing" noise. This is just gas rushing into the supply hose and manifold.

Groaning or metallic cracking and popping: As Flavorizer Bars, burner tubes, and cooking grates heat and cool, they expand and contract, causing these sounds.

Fluttering noise: If the slide-out bottom tray is not fully pushed into place, excess air may be drawn into the cookbox, causing a "fluttering" sound. The burner tubes and Crossover ignition may also cause this sound when the lid is open and air is drawn into the cookbox from above. Finally, the flame in the crossover ignition tube may fluctuate after ignition, which will cause a fluttering sound.

Humming or whistling from the regulator: Outside temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and the gas level within the tank may cause the rubber diaphragm inside the regulator to vibrate, making a humming or whistling sound. Although this sound may be alarming, this is NOT dangerous as long as it is not accompanied by the smell of gas. If the humming sound persists, a change in atmospheric conditions will eventually stop the vibration.

  • From the small hole in the regulator
  • This hole is used for ventilation - it is normal for air to be released from this hole. If the customer does not smell gas, there is nothing wrong with the grill. This hole is simply releasing air as it was designed to do.
  • If there a strong smell of gas even after the grill is started
  • There is a leak. Do a leak check to locate the source of the leak and replace whatever parts are needed.
  • The smell of gas can still be detected, but a leak check did not determine where it is coming from
  • Check to see if the regulator vent is leaking gas. Replace hose and regulator.
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